Old Town google map

Old Town (courtesy Google Maps)

Old Town Tower Bridge

Old Town and Tower Bridge as seen from the west bank of the Sacramento River

Theodore (Teddy) Dehone Judah’s statue (installed 4-26-1930) on the east side of Second Street
across from Bart Lasiter’s office bldg.

Old Town Teddy 3

Teddy began the Transcontinental Railroad at the foot of K Street in 1863

Old Town 2nd Street

Down Second Street from Teddy looking north

Old Town Teddy
Teddy and the cars on Interstate 5 at his back

Old Town To Downtown
        K Street looking east from Old Town through the pedestrian underpass below Interstate 5

Old Town architecture

Old Town architecture on Second Street



Old Town Firehouse Alley

Firehouse Alley behind the Firehouse Restaurant

Old Town Brick

Brick walls and buttresses contain the raised east side of Front Street